This is the first uploaded pic of the new LNR LD-5. It isnt even on our website yet. 5 Bands (40/30/20/17/10). 5W on CW and SSB. SSB/VOX, DSP Filtering included with 3 presets and 1 adjustable. CAT USB logging via USB port. Can't wait til you guys see the performance of this guy! MSRP will be $575. More pics and technical details to follow.


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Elecraft K1-4/KFL1-4 discon.

http://www.elecraft.com/elecraft_prod_list.htm#k1 からK1-4とKFL1-4 (4-band filter module)が消えている。

Re: [Elecraft] K1-4 4 band version gone?
Wayne Burdick Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:44:21 -0700

The 4-band module requires extremely low-temperature-coefficient trimmer
capacitors because of its narrow-band pre-mix and RF band-pass filters. The
last source for these exotic trimmers dried up recently. A redesign using
higher-TC trimmers might be possible, but the filters would end up being
triple-tuned, which would force the use of SMD components throughout, and
tuning the filters would then be very difficult without a spectrum analyzer.

Sales volume for the K1 has decreased in recent years due to the KX1 (which is
smaller and has a DDS VFO), and the KX3 (which covers all bands, all modes,
with up to 12 W output and has a much more capable auto tuner, nicer user
interface, etc.). So the cost of a redesign wouldn't be recovered.

That said, for the time being we're continuing to offer the two-band version
and the other options (KAT1 ATU, KBT1 battery pack, etc.). The K1 is one of our
"full" kits, and has a bit of a fan club of its own.

We'll update the website to reflect the change in option availability.
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Rockmite II Enclosure

QRPme.comRockmite ][ケースが追加されている。

Rockmite ][ Enclosure
Price: $25.00
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HB-1A MK2 2014

YouKitsから"HB-1A MK2"が発売される。

・Assembled and tested
・TX:7.0-7.3Mhz, 14.0-14.35Mhz (10.1-10.15Mhz need mod)
・RX: 5-16Mhz
・Power consumption: RX 70mA, TX 0.7A
・Output:4-5W at 12VDC
・Adjustable CW speed
・4 IF crystal filter, adjustable 400Hz-3KHz
・side tone 700Hz
・Step: 10Hz,100Hz,1KHz,100KHz
・Release date: 10/Aug, preorder now we send free 18650 lithium battery pack and charger. Only $219
タグ:HB-1A YouKits
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Multi-band, Direct Conversion CW Transceiver (MBDC)

Hendrick QRP KitsMulti-Band Direct Conversion CW Trasnceiverを近日発売開始予定。
・DDS VFO (チューニングノブ)
・LCD (16桁×2行)
・周波数メモリー 20ch
・キーヤー内蔵(Iambic B)、メッセージメモリー/ビーコンモード付き
・バンドは160m/80mがデフォルトで、出力は5.5W @ 13.8V。

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Elecraft price increase coming in April.

[Elecraft] Elecraft price increase coming in April.
Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft Wed, 26 Mar 2014 18:34:19 -0700


This is an early notice for everyone that we will be increasing prices slightly on our radios and other products before the end of next month (April). As always, any orders placed before that point will be honored at today's pricing.

Please resist the urge to ask our sales or support staff for more specifics on what prices are changing and the exact date for the changes, as they do not have any additional information. We are still reviewing our complete product line to determine where we need to change pricing, so I can't be more specific on which specific products will increase in price, or by how much. (We've been absorbing a lot of supplier cost increases over the past two years.)

As always, we strive to keep these changes as small as possible, and to absorb cost increases where ever possible.

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Re: Rockmite ][

先日書いたRock Mite ][だが、
80m will be shipped with 3560 (or 3579 if specified)
40m crystals available are: 7015, 7028, 7030, 7040, 7114 & 7122 PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH WHEN ORDERING!
30m crystals available are: 10106, 10116 PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH WHEN ORDERING!
20m kits will be shipped with 14060 crystals

Until the end of of the year, QRPme will be selling the Rockmite ][ kits including all the on-board parts, external jacks and plugs AND 2 sets of crystals for $40.00
80m kits will include 3.579 & 3.560 crystals
40m kits will include 7.030 & 7.040 crystals. If you prefer something different from: 7015,7028,7030,7040,7114,7122 please specify
30m kits will include 10.106 & 10.116
20m kits will include 14.050 & 14.060
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Rockmite ][

There comes a time in everyone’s career when it’s time to call it quits. Due to continued demand for the popular RockMite, it’s being continued by another QRP supplier.

A RockMite successor is now available! It’s called the ‘RockMite ][‘ and is being sold by the very capable Rex Harper, W1REX. For further information or to order, see



Rockmite ][ 80m Transceiver
Rockmite ][ 40m Transceiver
Rockmite ][ 30m Transceiver
Rockmite ][ 20m Transceiver

3560, 3579, 7015, 7028, 7030, 7040, 7014, 7122, 10106, 10116 and 14060,

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Small Wonder Labs、店じまい

10月10日、Dave, K1SWLはSmall Wonder Labsの閉店をアナウンスした。
Rock Miteについては、他ベンダーからの発売の可能性を探るべく調整中。

A Supplier of Quality Kits for the Amateur Radio Enthusiast, 1996-2013


There comes a time in everyone’s career when they’ve ‘had enough!’ I’ve reached that point. Effective immediately, I am closing Small Wonder Labs I have discontinued sales of the RockMite, and will ship out the last several dozen orders shortly. I’ll continue to support requests for replacement/ missing RockMite parts from existing customers over the short term.

I’m now coordinating with another QRP vendor to have him assume production/sales of the RockMite. . I’ll update this site with further information once arrangements are finalized.

I’ll keep the Small Wonder Labs website active for a year, and it’ll maintain documentation for my earlier products.

・ I do not keep parts inventory for long-discontinued kits. www.kitsandparts.com has an extensive selection of parts for builders.
・ I do not have ‘just one more board’ for any of my discontinued kits. Please don’t ask!

I’ve finished our home here in the woods of New Hampshire, and it’s time for me to move on to other interests. I’m now racing the calendar to close in a garage/barn before winter. The garden grows larger each year, there’s always firewood to cut and split. . In our spare time, there’s a wealth of other outdoor activities. Retirement is clearly not for the faint-of-heart.

I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s purchased my kits over the years- you’ve been great, and it was fun!

73- Dave Benson, K1SWL
10 October 2013

“Let’s face it, boys – I’m pooped” - Lili von Shtupp, ‘Blazing Saddles’

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LNR FX-4 (4-Band CW/SSB Transceiver)

タグ:LNR FX-4
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